Monday, June 6, 2011

And now, in things not so serious...

I bring you my baby. She's by 3 year old Wiener Dog. She's cute, and fluffy and my precious...

She's also fiercely protective and isn't a fan of children. But that's ok.

Tick season is upon us, and I've pulled more ticks off of her than I want to think about. We got on Saturday night that had been there a while. It comes off it pieces. The area is swollen (not red). And I'm worried.

I pay monthly for a plan at the vet. Can I go there? No. Because it's tick involved... it's a $20 surcharge. And I have $6 in the account.

*sigh* I hope my baby will be ok. But in the good news department, the Spousal Equivalent needs more exercise. He wants to take the pup on walks/jogs after work. I love that idea!

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