Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The end of a Vacation

I dropped my mom off at the airport at 7:45 this morning. She left behind a very upset puppy (she shared bananas with her!) and a teary daughter.

Let me give you a littler background on my mom. My family is small. just my father, brother, mom and I. Dad wasn't ever around much, with business trips and all (we'd find out later that the "business" included a girlfriend). Mom, my brother and I ended up growing very close. I always get extremely weepy when she leave (or I go home after visiting her). In a perfect world, I'd be living in Syracuse, near my family. But there's no work up there. And besides, my life's here now.

We had a great time. We ate at places the Spousal Equivalent and I haven't eaten at before. Monday we were going to visit the neat shops in the new shopping areas, but it rained. Thinking that we'd have tea, we went to the First Ladies Tea Parlor, but it happened to be closed.

This morning I dropped her off. I miss her already. But the new job, and the Spousal Equivalent's job comes with a built in Christmas Vacation. So this year we plan to take the puppy and venture to the snowy north. I haven't been home for Christmas in five for six years. It'll be nice to go back.

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