Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's going around....

I'm alone in the office today. A tummy thing must be going around. That is good news, of a sort. it means that this will soon pass (pun not intended).

I decided to vary the work out routine today. I wasn't up for aerobics this morning, so I'm trying yoga (or maybe Pilates)

Isn't my life exciting?

One thing I learned this morning, is that it's really easy to manipulate the Weight Watchers system. I'm eating mostly fruit and veggies for lunch, so I can eat fries tonight with my burger. That's to say if I can have that tonight.
I need to stop looking at rentals online. I see homes I could move to, I can picture my stuff in these houses. But our lease isn't up until December, so I shouldn't be looking until the fall.

Well, I can dream.

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