Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vacations vs. Staycations...

1st, let me say that I hate the word "stay-cation." It's not a word. It's not even a vacation. It's called time off. At home! (And at my house staycations involve way too much housework.... so it's a REALLY dirty word!)

In my mind vacations involve going somewhere.

Now, where would you go? If you could go anywhere?

I ask myself that all the time. We don't have the money to go anywhere. Any money we save seems to get whittled down by the never ending mini crises of life.

Where would I go? With if I had a pile of money and a valid passport I'd take the Spousal Equivalent to Ireland. I'd also bring by friend who did a study abroad to the same place. I have friends there, and good memories that I want to relive. Plus I forgot to take pictures of Galway. I need to go back and do that.

But my dream vacation has GOT to be Disney. Now hush all of you anti-corperation, Anti-mouse people. It's my dream! Don't crush it!

As I was saying, if I'm doing Disney, I'm going all the way. (Because in dreams, we don't care about price tags). I'd want to stay on site (you can get your bags check clear through to your room if you do), in one of the medium priced hotels. I'd get the meal plan, so I don't have to worry about food. It would be epic!

The problem? If we're not getting a car.. how can I go visit Harry?

But I think I'll take a few days off later on this summer, and just do nothing.

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