Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Money makes the world go around

I understand that money is the root of... well, everything. I understand that we can't live on just hopes and dreams (but if we could exist on just ice cream, what would rock!). But man, I wish people would stop asking for money!

Now let me be clear, I have no issue of covering a friend for drinks, because I know she'll get my drinks next time. That's not the kind of asking I'm talking about.

I get letter and phone calls from the colleges I went to, asking for money. Um, I'm unable to pay my student loans, how can I give you money? I get letters from organizations asking for donations. I've been asked to buy things for various fundraisers (which I'll do, if I WANT the item), or pledge toward the whatever-a-thons. There was even a series of sermons at church a year and change ago, that was all about how if you're a good person, you'll give more money.

*bangs head against desk*

In these times it is important to give to charity. There are more and more people that are homeless, unemployed and facing huge medical bills. I think it's also time to be sensitive to the people that are just getting by. Money is a very sore subject for people these days and sometimes the hard sell might just get the door slammed in your face.

So let's put it at this. If you are able to, please donate money. If you are able to, please donate your time. If you can't, stop feeling guilty (like I do). You're not in that boat alone. And please stop making the people who can't pay feel guilty. It gets you no where.

And now... I need to dig up $10 for gas.

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