Thursday, June 2, 2011

According to me, I am the Meanest Person Ever!

(Most of my former students would agree).

I got a Facebook invite for a fundraiser. It's a cause I wholeheartedly support. But I deleted the invite. I also deleted every invite I've gotten to various "come buy my stuff" parties too.

This said fundraiser said you could donate money or donate miles run. The details were exceedingly sketchy. Actually, the whole thing confused me. But needles to say, I am unable to participate.


1.) I. don't. run. I will run if I'm late. I will run if I'm chased (by a bear, or a scary person with a weapon). But running and fun are never part of the same sentence in my vocabulary. It hurts my ankles. It hurts my knees. I stop breathing. And do I have to mention cheap sports bras and a D cup?

2.) Donating money. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against charitable giving. Far from it! If I had the money, I would. But that's just it. We're finally at the place where just about everything gets paid off every month. In a year, we might even be able to buy groceries with some consistency. In two years (less if the state will start giving raises again) I might be able to put some money in a savings account. But for right now we're making due with what we can. (And the next time my College calls asking for money, I'll tell them exactly where my degree got me, and how I want my student loan money back).

I wish this person luck in her fundraiser. I wish her success. But honestly, the only way I will run, is if she gets a bear to chase me.

And just you watch... she'll show up at my door with a bear!

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