Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Show Review: Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth is the new ABC Family show. Like most of their programming, it's focused around teens, and requires a healthy dose of suspension of disbelief.

The concept is simple, babies were switched at birth, and discovered this fact when they were in high school. The rich, red-headed Kennish family has an artistic brunette daughter while the Latina Vasquez family (Single mom, grandma) has a red-headed deaf daughter.

The situation is improbable, but entertaining. And it actually is a neat little social commentary on how society feels about money. From moment one the wealthy family tires to pay for Daphne (the deaf daughter) to attend a wealthy private school. They disapprove of her friend who drives a motorcycle (even going so far to say that deaf people shouldn't drive), but seem to refuse to learn sign language. Regina Vasquez (the single Latina mother) tries valiantly to keep the Kennish's from all but stealing her daughter, which the more wealthy seems to want to do.

In all of this are Daphne and Bay. Daphne, despite being deaf, is outgoing and rolls with the punches. Bay feels (rightly so) that her parents are trying to get another daughter.

I still want to slap the Kennishs. And I'm disturbed that they aren't trying to learn sign language, but the show is enjoyable.

Like a train wreck.

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