Thursday, June 2, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance!

I ADORE this show. My ex never let me watch it live. Now the Spousal Equivalent and I watch it together.

I've been surfing the blog-o-sphere, and have run into people that say that SYTYCD has a pro-contemporary bias. Why? Because most of the other styles have to go to Choreography first before they go to Vegas.

Well... yes! Many styles (hip hop, break dancing, krump, some ballroom) don't use choreography the same way that the choreographers on the show do. They may be an excellent b-boy, but can't dance with a partner.

Don't worry, Vegas week is good for tossing out the Contemporary one trick ponies!

Now I have 2 hopes for the season: 1.) that the Irish Dancer makes the top 20. and 2.) that we get another ballerina!!

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