Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interesting Lawn Ornaments.

Yesterday, I posted a blog post to my Facebook. I believe six or eight of my friends shared it. I mean how can you not? Who doesn't love a 5 foot metal chicken?

That got me thinking. I've been doing crazy stuff like that since high school. I had the kind of friends that would all go to the hardware store and buy a dozen pink flamingos, and a staple gun, then spend hours stapling Velveeta slices to trees (mind you, I hung out with the nerds. There weren't drugs or alcohol involved!). On a band trip once, we all bought cheap stuffed animals that had suction cups on their legs, and stuck them in the bus windows.

After shopping with my mom this weekend, and seeing the crazy stuff people put on their lawns, I now want my own lawn. I want to put out some crazy stuff, just to watch the people stop and stare.

Because I'm that kind of person.

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