Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where we Live...

The Spousal Equivalent and I moved into our current apartment in December of 2009. The apartment wasn't fancy, but they didn't do a credit check, so I was ok with that. (After my old house was foreclosed, I'll never pass a credit check!)

It's really not a bad place. It's got enough room for most of our stuff. Now that it's under new ownership, things are getting fixed. And it'll look really nice after the cleaning storm that will commence on Sunday (mom's coming to visit next weekend).

But I'm really not entirely satisfied living there anymore. The neighbors have kids that sit on the stairs outside my door and scream. This causes the dog to bark. Which causes more screaming. I've come home to more than my fair share of underpants conventions outside the building (You know.. where the young men hang around with their pants around their knees..).

Now when I say that I'm not satisfied living there... I haven't started packing. I'm just looking around. We can't afford to move, but I can afford to dream.

I ran across this ad this morning on Craig's list. It has waht I want! It has a YARD! A place to put a small grill! To build a storage shed! A place for the dog to pee! *happy sigh* (I know.. it's a trailer.. but I stopped being picky a while back, foreclosure does that to you!)

So I texted the man! The monthly price is above our means... but it has a jacuzzi! He hasn't said anything, but I know that it's not possible.

Off to dream some more!

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