Monday, June 6, 2011

Recipe: Pierogi

People have asked me how I make my pierogi. Well, I cheat. Let me show you how!

Meari's Pierogi Supper

  • An onion- chopped
  • smoked turkey sausage, sliced (I'm doing weight watchers, and it's less points than kielbasa)
  • green beans (I used frozen... way too many, but mine are frozen)
  • And a box of frozen pierogis

  1. Get a big pot of water boiling, the pierogis only need to boil for three minutes, so I heat up the water while I start everything else.
  2. In a HUGE skillet (I use a 2 burner griddle) melt a tiny pat of butter (remember... Weight Watchers) augment the non-stickiness with cooking spray
  3. Dump on the onion, green beans (if frozen, put them on near the end if fresh) and sausage. Stir it around occasionally, so things don't burn. When the onions and sausage are a little brown, and the green beans are cooked, remove from hear and divide up (We get about 4 portions)
  4. About this time, the water should have boiled, and you should have dropped the frozen pierogis in. You're basically using the boiling water to defrost them.
  5. Melt another tiny pat of butter (or more if you're not watching the figure) on the griddle, and place the drained pasta on it. Be careful of it sticking. You're going to pan fry your pierogi in butter (or a combination of a little butter and a little oil). It won't take very long for each side to get a little brown and crispy.
  6. Serve to your adoring friends.
There are 3 Pierogi per serving (for 5 PointsPlus). The butter and oil add a bit to the total.

Now, if you made your own pierogi from scratch... this all would be even better!

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