Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My College Expierence...

I didn't go to PCU, but sometimes I think it did.

Sometimes Politically Correct is taken a tad too far. Especially on my campus. We weren't Freshmen... we were First Years. You saw the word "women" spelled "wombyn" from time to time... things like that.

Now... let me tell you why I say we're like PCU

  • We all know Take Back the Night. The matches were always small..... because the advertising was nil.
  • There was this art instillation... people designed t-shirts with an anti-domestic violence message and hung them on the line.Link Since they didn't advertise, or explain it... people assumed it was wash...
  • I was told that the year after I left the students of color had a silent protest... and refused to tell anyone what it was about...
  • and my favorite: I see a crowd in front of the building that houses the President's Office. After reading signs I realize that the protest is about 4 or 5 different issues. And spray painted on the Quad. In 20 foot letters

*headdesk* Spellcheck before you spraypaint.

There were pictures. I'd kill to find one!

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