Monday, May 30, 2011

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

We tuned into this show last night. It was such a culture of contradictions! A culture where men work, women clean and keep house. Where there is NO pre-marital sex (I think kissing and hand holding or even talking to a boy alone is a no-no). The girls dress like prostitutes and are married at 16 or 17. It's also a culture is is on the brink of being destroyed.

The traveling community no longer travels in the UK. All they want is to live communally in trailer parks (also, since they like to have the restroom be in an out-building, it's easier in a trailer). The British government is evicting the travelers off of land ( they might even own the land, but don't have permits to build, that was unclear).

I hate seeing such a misogynistic society (domestic abuse is rampant). But I hate seeing a culture destroyed.

I need to watch more... And research.

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