Monday, May 23, 2011


Well, let's start a little earlier than that....

Friday I learned an important lesson. COMMUNICATE! The Spousal Equivalent posted something on FaceBook that bothered me. Instead of texting him and asking him to call me during lunch, I let it stew. He had to work 3 1/2 extra hours, and had a tire blow out on the way home (this is a reoccurring theme with him). By the time he got home, I had literally worried myself sick. Worry not, everything is fine.

Saturday was low key. We went to a party, and got home about midnight. I went to get a glass of milk when we got home (about 1am-ish... this is important later), and realized that it was bad. It had expired a week before. Yes, this is the same milk I've been making my oatmeal with. No wonder my tummy's been off!

Anyways, I took Benedryl and went to bed (without my milk and cookie). My eyes were starting to swell shut. It was awful.

Sunday morning, I was up with the sun and headed to church. I was seriously doped up on allergy meds in an attempt to keep myself of itching my eyes out. Service was good. We sang. don't remember much.

Now it's Monday. I took the day off to wait for the Verizon guy to install my cable and internet. The guy was here and gone by noon, so I decided to hit the post office and grocery store. On my way out, I got the mail. There it was. A letter from a collection agency asking for the same $100 that's been paid (three times in fact, they kept losing the check). This time they were threatening legal action.

I started at the Post Office. The ex-husband now has all of his important papers heading his way. Then I went to the store, came back with lunch, and chocolate (in hindsight, I should have bought wine). I made lunch, took a breath and called the collection agency. Their bad. I wished I could have slapped them.

Now I'm washing clothes, and waiting to start dinner.

I'm also trying not to itch my eyes. At least it's only my eyes. At the party on Saturday it was my eyes, the insides of my ears, the back on my throat (the inside part), and the inside of my lungs. After living with this pain for months all I can say is... bring on the torture. It's GOT to be easier than this!

My kingdom for a HEPA filter!

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