Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GleeCap: New York

Well folks, the season finale is here. Get ready to suspend your disbelief.

That was the comment I most saw after the episode. It's not believable. Duh! It's a MUSICAL! Musicals in their very nature require you to not just suspend your disbelief, but suspend it, and hang it from the rafters! I know that they can't do music, lyrics and choreography to a song in a few hours. But it's a musical! *rolls eyes*

Now my highlights... in bullets

  • Finnchel. Oh yes, it's back. But this time it's Rachael resisting. I know she's been wish-washy about it... but I really think that Jar of Hearts from the Prom episode was her goodbye to him. I don't know... But I think those two grew up in the last few episodes.
  • Kurt and Rachel get points for making me cry. For Good always gets me. Even if they edited the snot out of it.
  • Sam and Mercedes. I like!!
  • Jesse St. James. To quote Rachel from season 1: "I want him to be eaten by a lion."
  • When did Brittany get so smart? You know, I always thought the ditz was just an act. Maybe I was right.
  • Santana: Lima Heights Adjacent is now my part of my vocabulary!
They didn't win, but I expected that. I've read in a few places that there will only be three seasons (the kids will graduate at the end of next year). Them losing makes sense. You can't have them win yet, that's saved for next year (I'm placing money on it now!).

The season was rather hit and miss for me, but I did enjoy it. I also wasn't the only one that felt that way. I'm left with recordings on my Tivo, and MP3's to sing along to in the car.

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