Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Supreme Technological Annoyance!

Yesterday I noticed that we still weren't getting all of the tv channels that we've been getting for close to three years, so I called Cox Cable. They told me I was mistaken! I shouldn't have EVER gotten any channel above 15! I was only paying for the basicbasicbasic package. But they can upgrade me for a large sum of money....

So I ask... how much total? because the website said it would be $85 a month!

$112... I get no discounts because I'm already a customer.

Well fuck that!! While I was on the phone with the woman, I went to Verizon Fios (my apartment is already hooked up for it.). $70 to start and capping out at $92. After I cancel the current cable and Tivo (the deal comes with a DVR), I'm only paying $30 extra a month.


But that got me thinking. If we had a decent computer and a fancy LCD tv we could probably keep what we have, and stream the other channels through a computer.

Maybe someday.

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