Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GleeCap: Funeral

This week's episode was... odd. I didn't love it.. and I didn't hate it.

It starts with Sue becoming detached from reality. This was bad, even for Sue! Why? Come to find out her sister had died. (I TOTALLY called it!)

and as for Sue, let me quote the LA Times.

Which brings me to the episode's main problem: Sue's character is getting increasingly hard to get a hold on. One minute she's remorselessly slamming kids into lockers and severely injuring a rival music director by repeatedly throwing him down the stairs, and the next she's willing to stand up and publicly pronounce the pure power of her love for her sister. (Well, OK, she was too overwhelmed with sadness to deliver her eulogy, so her arch-nemesis/good pal Mr. Schu stepped in to read it for her.)

Honestly, I am totally willing to suspend disbelief on a show like "Glee." I'm not sitting around snorting about how unrealistic it is to see strangers in Ohio malls spontaneously breaking into a synchronized dance or anything. (But I did find myself wondering why the glee kids were planning her sister's funeral. The show's rationale -– that Jean was a lifelong outsider just like them –- did not ring true.) But I think it's fair to expect some consistency from the characters. And consistent inconsistency of Sue's character is wearing thin. Part of the problem is that our sense of her fails to advance, wandering endlessly between pure evil and pure love for her sister. Maybe, now that Jean is dead (not that I'm happy about that), Sue's character will be able to move forward somehow.

Next is Jesse St. James, taking over for Sue in the Irritating Ass department. The kids sing solos, and he Simon Cowells them... even if those solos were fantastic!

I loved that Kurt and Finn went to reach out to Sue. It was here that we started seeing the pain behind the prickly exterior. Their funeral was touching (I adore that song), and had me all misty. It was nice to see Sue have some humanity. I wonder how long it will last?

And kudos for Finn on growing a pair! You can tell that Quinn is basing the worth of her life on high school status (dating the quarterback, being prom queen). I wonder if she even care for Finn. Finn is looking beyond that. He clearly doesn't care about being prom king! He just wants to be happy. Unfortunately Rachael makes him happy. But Jesse (who is so self centered that it makes Rachael look like a saint) is in the way.

Next week will be VERY interesting.

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