Monday, May 2, 2011

the world changed while I was asleep.

Let me set the scene. I went to bed around 10. The Spousal Equivalent was in the living room, working on something. The puppy was asleep at my feet.

The boy runs in, causing the dog to bark. and she barks loudly. I squeal, and hit the ceiling.

"Osama Bin laden is dead!"

I had to think for a moment as to WHO that was. (Actually, at that point I had issues telling you the day or where I was. I got startled out of deep sleep!). At first I thought he was talking about the president... his name starts with an O... No... not him. It was a few minutes before I realized who he was talking about it. My response.

"Well, that's good for him..."

Thinking about it this morning, I'm worried about retaliation. Again that dark could of "will it get worse, or will it get better" will ascend.

Here's hoping that it'll get better.

And thank you Mr. President for reminding us that we're not at war with a religion. Just some assholes that happen to practice that religion. People are too quick to forget that.

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