Saturday, May 14, 2011

Religious Ponderings.

I spent my youth going to a Presbyterian Church. My father's family is very catholic. I don't know if I've written about my previous issues with religion.. but there they are, chronologically, and in brief.
  • When I was 7, I was in my aunt's very catholic wedding. I didn't realize that there were different religions (I thought you went to the church that was closest, like school). When communion was served to the wedding party, I covered my mouth and loudly told the priest "My mommy says I can't have a cookie." The priest laughed.
  • One Sunday morning, I didn't want to go to church. Mom said we need to go, so God can hear me pray. When I pointed out that according to that logic, praying before bed is pointless... she didn't have much to say.
  • After talking with the Grandmother, I found out that my birthday is the day of immaculate conception. Jesus's? No Mary's. I looked for HOURS in the bible to find out where it was written, and was upset that it wasn't there.
  • The last time my brother and I were ever required to go to church, there was a call and response thing the congregation did. Our line was "Halleluiah, Amen." Oh, we said it. Hands in the air, Revival style.
My brother and I have always loved religion. No, we weren't religious people. We loved the anthropological and sociological aspect of it. It's fascinating to figure out what people believe, and what they do.

I'm fascinated with Catholicism. Not that I'd convert (I don't agree with much of their views or theology), but I LOVE the accessories!! (and I'm fascinated by nuns. I'm waiting for Oprah to re-run that show)

I know it's wrong. And it's not meant to be disrespectful. But I have a rosary... and I'll meditate and run the beads through my fingers. And don't get me started about saint medals.


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...


You might be interested to know that there's at least one UU prayer bead practice.

The author of this, Erik Walker Wikstrom, expands on this in his book, "Simply Pray", noting that just about every faith tradition has a prayer bead practice. (The notable exception is Judaism, where the knots on the prayer shawl play an equivalent role.)


Meari said...

Oh! thanks for the information, Andrew!