Friday, May 20, 2011


I am a terrible avoider. I avoid people that I've had issues with. I avoid situations that make me uncomfortable. I avoid the news. I especially avoid the news after some sort of catastrophic event (they play it over, and over, and over). I avoid parts of television shows that make me uncomfortable (many comedies do that... you know.. that feeling that it's all going to end badly and someone will be humiliated? I hate that.).

I also try to avoid events when I simply have too much to do in a given period of time.

This weekend is the perfect example. It's non-stop back to back things until Sunday afternoon. What am I contemplating on doing? Well, hiding under the bed is looking really good right now (the thought of going places this weekend makes my stomach turn. It's not pretty!).

But what will that leave me with? I'll hear stories of the fun that I missed, and regret it.

And now to eat lunch while I avoid knocking the last two things off of today's to-do list.

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