Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pain.. part deux...

I wrote before that I'd been having an earache, but was reluctant to spend money on a doctor.

I sat down and through about it. When was it hurting? Well, not on weekends, or in the morning. Maybe it was the TMJ problems.

Turns out that's what it was.

My TMJ is odd, much like the rest of me. I don't grind my teeth, not even in my sleep. In fact, when I'm clenching my jaw, my teeth don't touch (much to the amazement of many dentists). It's hard to believe, since grinding one's teeth is a key symptom. But I don't. According to all that sleep in the same room, I spend most nights with my mouth open and snoring.

So I went to the chiropractor. She got my head back on straight. I'm to make sure I recline on the couch for a few hours, with my head supported. So my neck can relax.

Best. Prescription. Ever.

And my ear has stopped hurting.

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