Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GleeCap: Prom Queen

The episode left me.... conflicted. Parts were good, and parts were forced.

and as always, my review... in bullets (its the OCD in me)

  • Bravo Blaine and Burt for calling Kurt out of his over the top fashion. I mean, be yourself... but when you wear a camo print shirt with a matching bow tie... Though, I was a fan of the kilt. But I love kilts.
  • I love how even Finn was tired of the Prom Queen campaign. I mean.. aren't we sick of it too?
  • Is Jesse St. James really that dumb?? And honestly, there were many times where I wanted to slap him!
  • And Finn.... honey, you can't date Quinn but still make eyes at Rachael. Seriously. And starting a fight? Not looking good for Quinn
  • And Quinn? Whatever happened last week, Rachael was behaving herself. She's not to blame for you losing Prom Queen. And it's just High School. It's not the end of the world.
  • I never thought I'd say this, but Bravo Karofsky. His tearful apology! It was wonderful!! But then he was a dick at prom.
  • And Kurt.. the Prom Queen. I get the running out, but I applaud how he owned it after. Good for you, turning a joke into a triumph. And dancing with Blaine... wonderful.
  • Jar of Hearts is a favorite of mine. Does this mean that Rachael is FINALLY letting go of Finn? We can only hope. We can also hope that Finn lets go of her.
That's all for now. I may have to watch it again....

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