Monday, May 9, 2011


I have 2 today. One of a service, and one of last week's Glee.

#1: Weight Watchers

I've been following the program for a few weeks now, and I've realized something: it costs a lot more than I thought. First, you must realize that the website is completely worthless. Now, I'm not talking about the mythical eTools (an extra $12 a month if you don't get on a program where it's included). I'm talking about If you don't use the website, there's a pile of books and gadgets that you should buy.

I'm paid up for the next 10 weeks. After that we'll see if I can afford to continue.

#2: GleeCap: Rumours

The episode was interesting. Santana is still in the closet. I think most everyone knows, but she thinks she's hiding it. Sam is living in a motel (believable enough situation). Quinn is being demanding. Finn's being dense. And Rachael is... Rachael. It's funny, if you didn't know the background, most of her antics might be passed off as a misunderstanding. But it's Rachael. The character isn't growing. She just keeps defaulting back to the AMAZINGLY self centered place that she came from.

Tuesday should prove very interesting!

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