Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring feels lie it really started this weekend (brought to you with 300% more hyperlinks)

This weekend, I was a really bad UU. Instead of going to church to partake in the Flower Communion and Child Dedication, we went to the movies to see Thor. Honestly, I was children-ed out. After the mess that was the baby shower, it was best for all involved that I stay home.

Groceries were bought, clothes washed, relaxing was done. It was a pretty good weekend.

This week is just insanely busy, but I need to find time to undo the damage of six loads of laundry. I need to grow up and put my clothes away!

Also check out the Spousal Equivalent's blog! He's got that one, and many others. My man loves to review movies. And trust me... he watches an eclectic mix of movies!

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