Sunday, July 8, 2012

A quiet end to a lovely vacation

Today is Sunday, which usually is my least favorite day of the week.  It's the day that all of the weekend's festivities end and we prepare to go back to work.  Lunches are packed, clothes are laid out and laundry is done.

Well, actually my entire vacation consisted of laundry.  But thankfully it's all done and put away.

Yesterday, I had a bit of a meltdown.  I was done.  I was done thinking about food.
That seems odd, since I'm on Weight Watchers and all, but after the weight started trending in the wrong direction I was obsessed with eating fewer points, and exercising more (a feat in the 100 degree weather).  All I could think about what what I can't have.  I declared fuck it, and had a french bread pizza and a glass of wine.  I also planned a few days worth of meals, so I know ahead of time what I'm getting into.

Though on the exercise front, I need to do more of it so I can increase my stamina.  Why??
Because I'm taking a dance class in the fall (for you WW people, 7 Activity Points a class).  I get to take one class a semester for free.  I tried to take Modern I, because it fir into my schedule, but no.  It was very, very beginner, and I actually have experience.  I just need to get the professor to sign the form.

But that now means I need to buy things.  I have a few leotards, but what I really need are dance pants.  those I can get at Target.  I need to look through the bag stash and find a dance bag.  I also need to look into things I can throw into it to freshen up after class (it's a 2-3:30 class twice a week).

Big thing that I need is shoes.  I know, Modern Dance is performed barefoot.  And I'll try that.  But It's been years, and my calluses are gone.  That's what they make dance paws for!

The Spousal Equivalent is playing a game.  I'm off to look through my bags, then get a glass of wine.

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