Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I need wine and my puppy, stat!

Well, after last night, the puppy ins't happy with me.  A stinky puppy got a bath, then ran around rubbing herself on EVERYTHING!

And fair warning, the rest of this post talks about women stuff!

Today has been made of fail.  After years and years of being on hormonal birth control, I'm back to a natural menstrual cycle.  I haven't had cramps since college.  It sucks.  I want to curl up and cry.

I also noticed that I only have 2 bras that I wear.  Lately under wire is just annoyingly uncomfortable, so I got some flimsy wire free bras.  I have a D cup... it's not working out as well as I thought.  I did some research and found this bra.  It looks like a normal bra AND I might be useful in light exercise.  AND it's on sale right now!  I just need to find the funding....

Now... to find chocolate.  Lots of chocolate...

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