Thursday, July 26, 2012

And you know what? The sun rose this morning...

So after I vented my frustrations, and the Spousal Equivalent ran out to get me food... we made a plan.  How can I bust through this plateau?

1.) More exercise.  He needs it too, so we're going to exercise together after I get home.  It's nice out now, so most of our exercise most likely will involve Misty and walkies.  When the weather turns bad, we'll turn to the Wii
Misty, panting after a quick morning walkie

2.) Better tracking.  We're getting a food scale to help with this.  I'm also hiding the other snacks in the house.  I'm also going to be proactive by buying more fruit and small things of yogurt.  If I buy something like popchips, I need to portion them out and write the points value on the bag.

I was discouraged and heartbroken yesterday.  Today I need to fight.

And... to everyone that said that I'm beautiful just the way I am...  Thank you.  But I need to lose the weight for my health.  I have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I'm already being medicated for one of them and really don't want to be medicated for all three.

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