Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bunheads Recap: Money for Nothing

It's "Paying Season" at Fanny's this week.  Apparently Fanny lives so far from reality, that she only pays bills (and not all of them) only twice a year.  We also learn that Fanny doesn't care about money, but has no problem spending it.  She also has 75 students, but only 9 of them pay.

Fanny's answer?  Have Michelle teach class.  I get that... but maybe have some more students pay?

Michelle isn't going to teach.  She doesn't teach.  I think Fanny put it best.  Teaching doesn't mean that you're washed up.  I for one think Michele would be wonderful!

In other news:  The surfer bar has a new employee:  Boo.  It also has an employee that's returned from a surf trip:  Godot.  (Did ya'll get the joke.. that the girls were waiting for Godot.  I did!)  The girls think he's cute.  Boo thinks he's nice, treats him like a co-worker, and he's nice to her.  Sasha flirts with him and is shot down. You can guess how well this went down.

The highlight:  The ballet.  Paper or Plastic.  The dancing was great.  and thank god Fanny was explaining it, or I wouldn't have gotten it.

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