Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not giving up

I spent $8 a month for the privilege of streaming HuluPlus thought my Wii. It's worth every penny.  There are hundreds of different kinds of 10 to 20 minute fitness videos on there (many by Gaiam).   Lately I've been doing one dog walk, and one vid every day.  Since it's the weekend, I decided that I should

After I walked the dog for 10 minutes (1 Activity Point), I tried another work out, and really didn't like it.  I turned off the Wii, recorded my now 2 activity points and turned back on my movie.  Then I got mad at myself.  I not only need to lose this weight, I also need to develop stamina for the class I'm taking in the fall.  So I did this workout.  Since it was part of Gaiam's Wake up Work out series, it was 20 minutes.  Another 4 Activity Points, and I feel good.  Sweaty, but good.

While were on the subject of HuluPlus, here are the series that I like.

  • We already know about Gaiam's Wake Up Work out.  It has a variety of things to try.
  • I've done some workouts from The Firm.
  • I have a WIDE Variety of yoga and Pilates workouts on my queue... but I'm putting them off.  They both frustrate so (though yoga blocks might help with the yoga frustration)
  • I've almost exhausted the Walking videos.  I love to do these on weekday mornings.
I'm proud of myself that I didn't just pack it in.  Plus, today's Activity Points help to offset yesterday's burger....

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