Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bunheads Recap: Movie Truck

What we learned:

  • Sasha is a bitch... but the bitchiness is her armor.  Her had is deep into that closet, and her mom only cares about herself.  But it's nice to see that she does care.  She bought Boo shoes, and even tried to get her to wash off that jerk's number.
  • Boo has no self esteem.  I get that the guy is cute, but he treated her like crap. Besides, she should realize that when she doesn't try, guys will talk to her.
  • Truly and Michelle are more alike than different.  They both are lost souls in a town that doesn't quite fit them.  I hope they become closer.  They need each other.
  • Fanny can be brilliant.  Forcing Michelle to teach?  Brilliant!
  • Michelle and Talia can really celebrate a birthday.  And when you add Truly?  it's epic.
What interests me is the previews for next week.  She'll be a great teacher and mentor... but can't hold onto being young by being their friend.

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