Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bunheads Recap!

The time for the Joffery Auditions are here!  All seems to be going wonderfully until Fanny gets a fax!  (Cue ominous music).  She freaks out; Michelle calmly tells her that the floor needs to be fixed.

And that's the theme of last night's episode.  Fixing and breaking.

~Michelle needed to fix the stuff from her old apartment (poor girl, that was a lot of stuff..).  
~Fanny needed to fix how she spends money (spending money on flowers and food when you KNOW the floor needs fixing).  
~Sasha needed to fix her relationship with Boo (she was a bitch to Boo last week), and Boo needed to let her.  
~Boo's mom nearly broke her daughter by A.) trying to get her daughter to eat a bunch of junk, and B.) buying a sorry you didn't get in cake BEFORE the audition!
~Boo needed to fix her confidence. 

With the exception of the money issues, and Michelle's junk, most of those things got fixed.  As a bonus, we got to see more of Truly, who now seems to be less psychotic, and more emotionally fragile.  She seems to know what everyone wants and needs... but can't figure out these things in herself.

In the end, the floor gets fixed, Michelle gets curtains, Sasha gets into the program, Boo doesn't, and the girls have cake.  Not a bad night.

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