Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Opening Ceremonies

I must admit, they are my favorite part of the Olympics.  And this year didn't disappoint.  Kenneth Branaugh did his stuff.  J.K. Rowling read a passage from Peter Pan.  There were dancing nurses and a salute to children and the NHS.  Mary Poppins kicks Lord Valdemort's ass.
Even Mr. Bean got into the act.

The best part of the night, by far and away, was Daniel Craig.  And the Fricking Queen!  can you imagine the pitch?  

Danny Boyle:  And then James Bond goes to visit the Queen...
Production Flunkie:  I'll see if I can get a Queen look alike...
Danny Boyle:  No, let's see if we can get the real Queen!

(And in another part of England...)

Royal Production Flunkie (to the Queen):  And then we'd film you and Daniel Craig as James Bond... 

Royal Production Flunkie: and skydiving might be involved...

The Queen:  Let's do it!!

All in all, it made me happy!  I got all teary when Great Britain entered the stadium.  

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