Friday, July 13, 2012

I wish I was at Comic-Con!

I'm a Nerd.. or Geek... or whatever you wish to call it.  Why?  Oh gracious... let me count the ways!

1.) The books I read

I rarely read The Great American Novel or chick lit or whatnot.  Thanks to my father's influence, I've been reading Sci-fi/Fantasy novels since Middle School.  I've recently been reading Gail Carriger's Steampunk fantasy novels.

I've also read much of Kim Harrison and Kelley Armstrong's supernatural urban fantasy novels as well as the works of (my favorite author) Charles deLint.

2.) My Choice in Movies
One of the first movies that I remember seeing in the theater was Return of the Jedi.  Yes, in 1983.  I've seen all of the movies, and re-releases.  I've sat in the theater for Star Trek movies, the Lord of the Rings (I even went to trilogy Tuesday).  I've seen most of the comic book movies in the theater (even if I'm not a comic book person).  We've already pre-ordered the Blu-Rays of The Avengers and the Hunger Games, and you know I'll be there to see The Hobbit.

3.) My Choice in Television Shows

Again, it started with my father and Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I've seen most of the genre shows that I have and gone:  Firefly, Terra Nova, Highlander, Lost Girl, Earth: Final Conflict, Eureka, Xena, do I really need to continue?  Let's just say that I follow most SyFy shows, and watched most of those early-mid 90's shows that were in syndication.  Also, if it's vaguely fantasy-like or Sci-fi-y and on network TV, I give it a try too.  (I know, this is not an exhaustive list.  It was the ones that I could think of!)

Interestingly enough, I've only seen 1 episode of Doctor Who.  I was 6.  It traumatized me.  And I can't catch up with 30 years worth of shows now!

4.) My choice in wardrobe

How many people see a Free Bates t-shirt and decide they must own it because they love Downton Abbey?  And while you're ordering, why not thrown in a Blue Sun t-shirt for kicks?  Me.  If I had the money most of my wardrobe would be made up of t-shirts like that.

And of course I'd own comic book heels!

I wear glasses.  I rarely follow the latest fashion.  I watch a lot of documentaries and most of the stuff on my DVR deals with things way beyond normal humans.  (Warehouse 13 and Alphas come back soon!  YAY!!) Hell, I've been a role player from time to time (I'm on a hiatus)

I'm a nerd.  And I'm proud of it.

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