Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday is the new Monday

It's early, and I'm at work. It's feeling very Monday-ish. But it's Tuesday. Holidays always leave you feeling so unsettled.

This weekend was rather low key. We saw X-men: First Class on Monday. I really liked it. But truthfully, James McAvoy can read a phone book and I'd love it.

We also did massive amounts of laundry, but didn't put any away. You can guess what this week's project is.

I'm slowly dealing with the fact that we're going to be in the apartment for quite some time.

But I'm not dealing well with my lack of a professional wardrobe! I know what I'd like to be wearing: tanktops and cardigans are my top of choice (even in the summer. they keep it way to chilly here) and pants or skirts. I have got to pick something up every week (and put clothes in the good will bag every week) so I'll look like I own more than five outfits.

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