Friday, July 15, 2011

In the realm of unfair... this is the unfairest!

And it's not about me. As we all know, I was (am... and completely out of shape) a dancer. So I ADORE So You Think You Can Dance.

I know the mental pain that sudden physical limitation can bring. And so does Alex Wong. Alex Wong is an amazing ballet dancer. And he does a mean hip hop too! He dropped out of the competition with a lacerated achilles tendon last year. People very very upset about it, and even went to honor him at the finale. (watch them both. I'll wait.)

He lacerated the OTHER achilles over the weekend. This is a whole new level of suck and fail. I seriously cried when I found out.

Get better soon!


Anonymous said...

OMG those were amazing! I just started watching SYTYCD this year (I KNOW! ! ! What took me so long?) and I am totally, irrevocably hooked (as is my hubby now...heh)

Meari said...

Join us in the Dark Side! The man and I watch the show together. The Ex wouldn't even touch it!