Thursday, July 28, 2011

The end of a small era

I went into the Weight Watchers experience with 13 pre-paid vouchers. I never really thought about the end of that adventure.

I am now glad that I have the books and gadgets and websites all bookmarked, because I used my last voucher last night. I've lost just under 10 pounds in the 13 weeks that I've been there.

Now comes the hard part, doing this on my own. I have blogs I can look to for support, but a great many of those involve people that love running. I don't believe that running is an option for anyone. Unless they are chased. By a bear.

So I have a plan. It's a multi-step plan!
  • Keep on using those points. They won't change. I have the books and the online calculator and friends in the program that can help.
  • Exercise. If I can be nice to my body today, I'll exercise tomorrow, and hopefully at the very least on Saturday (and next week and all)
  • I'm going to continue with the weekly weigh-ins. But I'll do it on my WiiFit. It's the only scale that I own!
Wish me luck!

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