Monday, July 25, 2011

Renaissance Faire

I grew up 45 minutes away from a Renaissance Faire. We went once a year. The first sewing I did was to make a costume to wear. After I met the ex, I moved up near to the Faire, and even ended up working there.

The Rennies were my family. My favorite band played there. Some of my favorite acts performed there.

We eventually moved to Virginia. I eventually left the ex. I joke that he got Sterling in the divorce. With few exceptions, those Rennies are his friends now, not mine. And that ok.

I packed my Ren Faire gear away this year. It broke my heart. I haven't been to a faire in years.

I'd been wanting to get to MDRF this year (October 1/2 or 8/9), but between a new car and rent difficulties I don't know if we can now, and again it broke my heart.

And for people that don't get the Renaissance Faire experience, it's ok. I hope that someday you get to experience it as I have.

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