Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh, this sucks

Today is the Spousal Equivalent's birthday. We were on our way out to dinner, when I saw a note on the door.

We owe over $300 on the rent? That's not possible!!

Apparently it is.

I've paid the rent with money orders for months now. The old management company would take weeks to cash the checks. We get them from a machine at Wal Mart. There's a $500 limit, so we get 2 money orders. The management company only got one. How, I don't know. They were together in an envelope (so I thought, but since the other one isn't here...). We have until Friday to get them $250. Which happens to be the Spousal Equivalent's birthday money.

I don't have the receipt, but assuming the money orders are numbered sequentially, we're going to trace it and try to get the cash back.

And that hits hard of my fear of being homeless.

Needless to say, there were tears, and the much cancelling of plans. Lets hope tomorrow is better.

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