Friday, July 29, 2011

Thank Goodness it's Friday

Between money issues (Home alone tonight, and have no ice cream! *sigh*), and a flurry of stuff at work, I'm kinda done.

It's been of week that seemed to go on forever, in a parade of never ending tasks. Tonight's include the dishes that I can't seem to catch up on, and possibly even putting laundry away. I know, what a boring life I lead.

I've been overtaken with a nesting instinct lately. I want to decorate, which is unlike me. It all started with wanting to put my diplomas into frames and hang them. (What else am I doing with my Master's Degree? I might as well display it.) I have some other pictures that should be given nice frames and places on the wall too.

I also now realize that I don't have a single decent picture of the Spousal Equivalent and I! I must remedy this, but without a camera.. it'll be difficult!

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