Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ok, I'm calling a Mulligan on this week!

Earlier this week, I wrote about guilt...

I have more. *headdesk*

Thanks to the Super-fleas, I have a huge dose of pet-momma guilt. I seriously should have seen the fleas before now. So we washed, vacuumed, and bathed the pet. I get to repeat the wash and vacuuming every day for at least a week. What are we dong this weekend? Housework!

Then I get home from the vet and read a blog post by a good friend. She's been struggling through anorexia, bulimia and pill dependency. Well, she tried to commit suicide, was hospitalized and now is being sent into treatment. I'm relieved. And I feel awful that I'm relieved. She needed help, and I knew it would take something drastic.

I'm a little overwhelmed with this. And yes, the coping may involve food.

And hugs

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