Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Choir wish list

My church has an awesome choir. Seriously! And they give us hard music.

And because I'm a masochist... I've developed a wishlist!

  1. Rutter's For the Beauty of the Earth. Anyone that was in choir in high school with me knows it!
  2. True colors. I KNOW there has to be a choral arrangement... like this one... but with women (since we are short on the guys in choir)
  3. and the long shot. again.. (My Chemical Romance's SING.. as done by Glee... for that choir feel) if there's a choral arrangement (but with less plaid)
  4. and then of course... this one (John Williams is the Man, by Moosebutter)... because it would be funny.. and would go well with a topic I may be speaking about.. someday...
  5. and for good measure.. this one (Idina Menzel, No Day But Today). It's so pretty!

1 comment:

cath c said...

i'd sing true colors, too!