Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Work is interesting when you're alone!

It's January 3rd.  Most of the faculty is either enroute to, or already at the AHA conference.  My co-worker is sick.

What does that mean?  I'm alone.

It's actually rather weird.  I don't have anyone coming in to ask me to do things.  I have things that need doing, but they have to be done by March or so.

So what has been going on here.  Besides my slowly working through some data entry, I've been tracking packages.  Tracking them to other buildings on campus.  Stupid UPS.

On the 29th of December, my netbook's power cable blew.  So off to Best Buy we went.  Oh no.  Even though Best Buy sold us the computer, they don't have the power cord!  So I look at NewEgg.com.  There it is!  I have it delivered to work and think that my work is done.  I had to go out into the cold, windy weather and track down where the package had actually gone.  My asthma is flaring pretty badly, so the cold isn't exactly helpful.  (Doctor appointment tomorrow to get it sorted out).

By the way, if the power cord doesn't work, it means I need a new netbook.  I was thinking of this one, since all I do with the thing is use an internet browser, anyways!

But now I need to get back to my data entry.  The worrying about my computer can wait.

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