Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, the charger wasn't blown on my netbook.  It was the place where the charger plugs in.  It's a $300 repair.  Um.. no.

I'm sending back the charging cable, and getting a refund.  I'm also getting a start on the taxes, since that is how I'm going to fund the new computer.

The questions remains:  What do I use my netbook for?  It sat on the coffee table for years and was used pretty consistently. I chat online, surf the web and blog from the living room.  Anything more heavy duty (work processing, iTunes) gets done on the desktop.  I came up with 2 options:  A Chromebook (about $300) and a iPad (about $500)

More research will be needed.


Anonymous said...

What kind of netbook do you have? The same thing happened with ours. It was almost like the cord spot is too big for the plug. We have to keep the charger in the netbook in only one certain position in order for it to work! I still use my netbook for blogging and surfing while watching TV so I like it to be charged

Meari said...

It's an Asus Eee netbook. And I've been doing the propping up of the cord and jiggling it for almost a year now. Nope, it's well and truly dead.