Monday, January 30, 2012

Putting on the Big Girl pants

So after the epic fail that was Saturday, I got up on Sunday and put on my Big Girl Pants.  Well, actually they were fuzzy PJ pants, but you get my drift.

The Spousal Equivalent got me up and out the door to the grocery store nice and early.  We budget $40 or so a week for groceries ($160ish a month) and came in under budget.

Then we came home to ...

(many thanks to Hyperbole and a Half for the picture, and the concept of CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!  And thanks to UrbanFaerie for posting it.)

We cleaned the Living Room, Kitchen and I even tackled the bathroom!  We were at a point where we actually COULD have company.  And we did.  My friend and her kitties came over.  It seems that we're pet sitting!  Misty isn't happy about it.  And showed this displeasure with barks and teeth.  My hand will heal, but the dog may be made into slippers if she keeps it up.

I'm mostly over the Epic Fail of Saturday.   I have left orders with people to not take no for an answer next time.  Honestly, the hardest part is just getting me out of the house!

But now it's Monday.  I have a clean house.  The craziness at work is all but over.  I have an orange and life is pretty good.  (But I hear blood oranges are in season.. need to find them!)

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