Monday, January 9, 2012

This was the longest weekend on record!

Besides the steroid induced crazies, I was also gifted with insomnia this weekend.  Friday night I couldn't get to sleep.  Sunday morning I was up before dawn.

I'm also hungry.  All the time!  It's been a serious battle between me and will power.

The good news is that I am feeling better.  The breathing is easier.  In addition:  my hair is dyed, the laundry is almost done and the house is clean.

I'm not attributing this all to the drugs (or the Spousal Equivalent's reaction to my crazies), but I think they helped with the motivation.

So now I'm back at work, making this week's to-do list.  It's only me here for the next month and a half.  The boss is out of leave, so my workload will increase.  it's scary, but ok.

My goal for the week is to do some yoga and aerobics every day.  Even if it's just ten minutes.  I know the steroids are messing with me, and I need to start combating that!

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