Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And the Spring semester starts anew!

As I drove into work today, I witnessed a familiar sight:  college students not paying attention to where they are walking.  After almost hitting a few students I realized something.  Classes started today.

We've been without students for about a month.  I'd almost gotten used to the quiet!

But the students are back.  This week we're playing host to job candidates.  It's a highly charged, stressful to do all around.  I have to set up and take down a continental breakfast, order, pick up and set up lunch, provide snack, photocopy, make sure paperwork is filled out and make sure everyone knows where they need to go.

It's stressful.  Especially stressful since the boss is out on medical leave.  My only saving grace is the temp that was hired.  She retired from this job, so she can do all of the paperwork that I'm unsure about!

Of course, this is the first day of stress.  The stress will continue until next Friday.  Until then I need to make sure I sleep.  and I have a feeling doing that ten minutes of yoga in the morning will help.

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