Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On this journey towards health....

I've learned a few things.

  • Benedryl before bed helps combat insomnia.  It also helps you wake up wheeze free in the morning.  
  • Nasonex (the commercials with Antonio Bandaras as a bee) is great stuff, but the first two hours after taking it are hell!  
  • The doses of steroids are going down, and the wheezing isn't coming back.

With that seeming to be working itself out, I need to turn to the other pressing health problems at the moment:  diet and exercise.

The exercise is purely a motivation thing.  I need to do it as soon as I get home.

The diet is getting easier at the steroid-induced cravings subside.  Seriously, I didn't wake ravenously hungry today!

I was also looking for healthier, cheaper options and stumbled across Alton Brown's lentil episode.  I have a few recipes that I want to try along those lines.

Though I don't know if I'm brave enough to try the cookies...

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