Monday, January 23, 2012

Being Human

Being Human is one of our favorite shows.  It's one of those shows that started out as a British TV show, then was re-done as an American/Canadian show.

I saw half a dozen episodes when the British version first aired on the BBC, and I've seen the entire first season of the North American version.

The British version starts without much back story, or preamble.  It just kind of throws you into the middle of these ... people's.. daily lives.  (I wonder if this isn't due to the shortness of the British television season)  I was rather shocked that people could see the ghost, and that the vampire and the werewolf were eating pizza.  From the first episode I was a bit unhappy with how.. human.. the characters were.

Now, the SyFy show starts out with back story in the pilot, enough so I wasn't lost.  No one but the other Supernatural creatures could see her.  The vampire only drinks blood.  The werewolf is neurotic.  Everything seemed a bit more fleshed out.

I need to re-watch the British Being Human before I can compare them more, but I prefer the newer version.  Perhaps more viewings of the British version are needed.

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