Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's all so clear!

In other words, I'm an idiot.

When I first started on Weight Watchers, I made sure to pack my meals full of Zero Points vegetables.  I've been slacking.  The pounds have been creeping up.

I was thinking about the things, and my eating habits, and that's the biggest change.  I got un-inspired and fell back into old habits.  I've also been overeating, but after being sick, everything just tastes so good!  Am I right?

We ate a great dinner tonight, we have a likewise healthy meal planned for tomorrow.  I just need to throw some exercise into the mix and keep it up.

In other news, we have Monday off.  I'm am immensely thankful for this.  I have another day to get laundry done, and put my kitchen back to rights.  This weekend was simply full of fail, and awkward social moments.

Tonight I'm going to watch the Golden Globes and sip non-caffinated, non-dairy beverage.  (No one is more upset by these two things than I.  Thankfully I only have to endure it until Thursday. I want my coffee with real creamer!  Damnit!)

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