Thursday, January 12, 2012

Apparently I have a Reputation!

I had to leave work early yesterday.  When I got home, I found that I had received email while in transit (in the rain... more on that later).

A lady from church had been having a conversation with another lady from church.  A stage manager was desperately needed for some performances at MarsCon this weekend and my name was mentioned. (I apologize in advance for the linked website... it's a horribly designed website)

I was amused at this.  These women, to my knowledge, didn't know that I have a large background in both Convention Planning and Stage Managing.  So I got two weekend passes out of the deal and agreed.

I actually had no intention of attending this convention.  I've been before and was bored stiff.  None of the panels interested me, I didn't recognize any of the guests and I couldn't justify spending money to support a con that I had no interest in.  But now? Free?  Why not?

In other news, it rained all night.  This really annoyed the dog.  She doesn't like being wet, and peeing in the rain has got to be like sitting on the floor of the shower. We went outside.  She'd drag me back in.  Five minutes later she whined to go out.  Repeat this for hours.

I weighed myself today.  I gained 3 pounds.  Stupid steroids.  Back to work at getting rid of that, along with this week's pound.

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